X is for Xanthic

You yellow-bellied, lily-livered, lowdown, spineless, pusillanimous, gutless, chicken-shit, excuse for a writer!

You wouldn’t dare write that! Or have your character do this. You make me sick…COWARD!

Admit it, go on! There are things you won’t dare write, things you won’t dare try.

*shakes head in disgust*

You wouldn’t catch me wussing out (I’m too bloody good at it to get caught)!

Ok, fine, I’ll admit it – there are things I wouldn’t dare do. But I can’t think of anything I wouldn’t dare write…seriously, you should see some of the fucked up things that feature in my shorts.

My short STORIES!!

As a writer, you’re not allowed to wuss out and avoid writing something just because it scares you. You can be delicate with a subject if needs be, and god knows you will need to a lot of the time. But don’t let fear change your words. Don’t edit to satisfy your inner chicken. By all means be careful with a subject – allowing yourself to write without fear does not mean stamping all over a delicate subject and not being afraid of how people will respond.

It means not holding back for fear of persecution.

Write unafraid then run your work through plenty of filters once it’s all down on paper. If in doubt, get a friend to check it out (the same advice applies to genital warts – but make sure it’s a REALLY good friend).

If your friend grimaces, or winces, don’t take that as a sign to immediately red pen the lot and start again. Wait for their honest opinion, not their knee jerk reaction. Sit down and discuss why you feel the words need to be as they are. If they keep trying to talk you out of it, then you might want to reconsider your work, but if they’re just doing it for their own sensibilities then bollocks to them!

Good writing does not mollycoddle the reader.

Also, this is why you ask several friends and don’t really on just one sensitive soul.

It’s time to light a fire and fry your inner chicken until it stops clucking in fear.

Now, you slimy motherfucking maggots! Write! WRITE! I will motivate you, you worthless scumbags!

Drop and give me twenty (pounds)!


Nobody…calls me…chicken.
– Marty McFly


X is for
You’ve gotta ask yourself a question: “Do I feel lucky?” Well, do ya, punk?

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