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May 10

Chunks, moving house, anxiety, and Dungeons & Dragons

It’s been a while since the Case of the Missing Chunks…and even longer since my last semi-decent post (YMMV) – so it’s time to sling some words around and update the three or four people that stumble across this site when they Google ‘Kate Winslet Boobs’ or ‘Elephant Cock’…still the two biggest Google results for …

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Dec 04

Repent, sinner!

Heed my words or burn in Hell! Thou have been sinning like a bad, bad writer and thou must stop(est?) For details on how to save your soul check out my new seven article series on the Seven Deadly Sins of writing in January’s edition of Writing Magazine (available in shops now).  

Mar 31

A is for Arse in gear

What better opportunity to get my arse back in gear than by once again taking part in the A-Z Blogging Challenge? A quick intro for those who have never heard of it before – blog every day in April (expect Sundays) and theme each post around the corresponding letter of the alphabet (first day is …

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Feb 07

Onwards and upwards…

My ‘onwards and upwards’ plan (not so much a plan as a hope-really-good-things-happen-for-no-reason kind of deal) is in full effect. I may not have got as much writing done as I wanted to in January, but that’s because I was busy SELLING MY HOUSE! Yes, it’s gone! The house of awkwardness I bought so many …

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