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D is for ‘Doohickeys and thingamabobs’

…and also for douchecanoe I see far too many conversations or forum threads dedicated to the most inane writing topics: “I need a realistic hobby for my time-travelling French resistance fighter!” “I can’t possibly write without knowing which piece of writing software is the best of the best of the best…” “What shall I call …

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Failure is not an option

Tomorrow is 20k day! Not a 20k race, something much more challenging…hitting the 20k mark in your NaNo novel. If you’re nowhere near hitting the magic number yet, don’t fret. NaNo is a challenge, yes, but that doesn’t mean you fail if you don’t hit the 50k. Ok, you don’t finish the NaNo challenge but …

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Come on you magnificent NaNo bastards!! It’s the last day!! For all those that have already finished WELL DONE! You’ve done great. If you want to take the last day off then put those feet up on the sofa and relax with a big box of chocolates and a stiff drink. If you don’t want …

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