Tag: UberGod of Procrastination

Apr 26

W is for Writers? Who? What? Where? Why?

I’ve been rambling on for almost a month now about motivation, encouragement, and excuses. Most of the problems I’ve discussed are things I’ve come across when writing but now I want to hear what problems you face. What’s your UberGod of Procrastination™? How do you force yourself to have bum in seat, fingers on keyboard, and …

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Apr 23

T is for Throw away your television

Goggle box, boob tube, small screen, opiate of the masses, pictocube, or if you have kids…the babysitter – whatever you call your television I think we can agree that it’s a love/hate relationship for writer’s and their idiot boxes. Some have managed to switch off their television sets for good and to those people, I salute you! …

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