Tag: the good

Nov 19

You’re a bloody superhero!

There have been a few whispers of ‘giving up’ in the past couple of days. Furtive glances at word counts followed by squeaks of terror and gasps of dread. I’ll never finish! This is pointless, my novel is crap…I’m crap! Wahh! The Good: Let me get one thing straight – you are not crap, you …

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Apr 02

B is for Bitch please, I’m a writer!

Whenever people ask me what I do, I find myself hesitating and mumbling in the general direction of my feet. Granted this is how I answer most questions if approached by a stranger/friend/close relative, but this is a different shoe-gazing mumble. It’s not a ‘oh my god, someone is talking to me, activate panic mode’ …

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Mar 31

A is for Arse in gear

What better opportunity to get my arse back in gear than by once again taking part in the A-Z Blogging Challenge? A quick intro for those who have never heard of it before – blog every day in April (expect Sundays) and theme each post around the corresponding letter of the alphabet (first day is …

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