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Dec 01

They think it’s all over…

…it is now. NaNoWriMo is done and dusted for another year. Right now you’re probably sobbing into your novel for one of two reasons. Either you ‘failed’ (you can’t fail – Failure is not an option) or you’re so damn happy you finished you can’t contain yourself. Whether you’re celebrating or commiserating the end of the …

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Jun 28

It’s catch up time…again

Sometimes I feel like I should change my blog schedule to once a month, at least then I wouldn’t feel guilty about having to post these little catch up sessions. The problem is if I do then I’ll probably find some way to avoid the new schedules as well! DAMN THE MAN!! Damn schedules! BUT… …

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Apr 17

O is for Oooh yeeaah/shhiiit!

Oooh yeeaah! is the feeling you get when you finish something. It could be a first draft or a finished novel, it might mean finally achieving perfection with that dreaded covering letter or synopsis, or it might even just be finalising a kick ass idea for your next novel. Whatever the occasion you should try …

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Apr 16

N is for Notebooks

Nothing is more guaranteed to make a writer swoon than a new notebook. Recycled, lined, branded, cheap, expensive, spiral bound, it doesn’t make a difference – a fresh and clean notebook always feels good in your hands. I’m sure you all have your favourite kinds but in the end they all mean the same thing …

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Apr 13

L is for Learning curve

As writers we never stop learning (See H is for Help!) and as such we all have our very own learning curves for each new subject we tackle. Some of these curves may be steep, meaning we pick up new material quickly and with ease. Others may be flat; some subjects are tough going and we don’t …

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