Tag: story building

Apr 02

B is for Bibliomancy

Bibliomancy refers to divination by opening a book at random…or in our case, getting a bloody good idea from poking a random book with our index finger. Hell, I’m not picky, you can use your middle finger, thumb, nose, or *cough* other various appendages. It’s up to you really, but whatever fleshy prodding device you …

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Apr 20

R is for Raconteur

Everyone has a good anecdote to tell. There can’t be a single person out there that hasn’t stood in a group of people and had them all on the edge of their seats with an amusing story about someone at work, or old crazy Mabel down the street, or that one time a gaggle of …

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Apr 16

N is for Notebooks

Nothing is more guaranteed to make a writer swoon than a new notebook. Recycled, lined, branded, cheap, expensive, spiral bound, it doesn’t make a difference – a fresh and clean notebook always feels good in your hands. I’m sure you all have your favourite kinds but in the end they all mean the same thing …

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Apr 13

L is for Learning curve

As writers we never stop learning (See H is for Help!) and as such we all have our very own learning curves for each new subject we tackle. Some of these curves may be steep, meaning we pick up new material quickly and with ease. Others may be flat; some subjects are tough going and we don’t …

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Mar 19

The End?

Thank you for all the comments this week, you’ve all been a great help in not only aiding me with research but getting me back in the zombie mood so I can crack on with this damn book again. Even though Zombie Week 2012 is officially over I’d still appreciate any comments you have to …

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