Tag: rant

Apr 30

Y is for Your own worst enemy

I’ve said it before during this year’s A-Z and I’ll say it again…you are your own worst enemy. You procrastinate, doubt yourself, and forget to write good storylines down. You hesitate and distrust yourself to the point of thinking you just can’t make it. You read books by famous authors then fling them across the …

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Apr 21

S is for Someday

Someday is a word I hear (and use) far too much. A fictional day sometime in the future where we’ll all sit down and crank out that novel that’s been lingering around, half-finished, on our hard drives for far too long. It’s a magical day when all of a sudden everyone will become organised and …

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Apr 19

Q is for Quacksalver

I know a few writers who hate to make things up – yes; I can see the irony too – what they really mean is they hate to add things to their novels that aren’t technically accurate. They strive for truthfulness so much that they will actually refuse to write a scene until they know …

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Apr 18

P is for Pomodoro Technique

Time for another post about motivational methods you can use to improve your commitment to writing. Today is all about the Pomodoro Technique®, which is a useful way of ensuring bum in seat, fingers on keyboard, and eyes on screen. Some of you may already be using this method, but for those of you unfamiliar …

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Apr 17

O is for Oooh yeeaah/shhiiit!

Oooh yeeaah! is the feeling you get when you finish something. It could be a first draft or a finished novel, it might mean finally achieving perfection with that dreaded covering letter or synopsis, or it might even just be finalising a kick ass idea for your next novel. Whatever the occasion you should try …

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