Tag: rant

Jul 25

From Fat Boy to Manly Peak!

A recent trip to the doctors led to an interesting revelation, and a reevaluation… I spent the first two decades of my life skinny to the point of my ribs poking through my skin (hence the nickname Skinny Tin Ribs in primary school), No matter how much I ate (and it was a LOT), I …

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Apr 01

A is for ‘…and another thing!’

…and also for ‘arseholes’. I figured since I Meldrew (yes, Meldrew is a perfectly acceptable verb in this case!) on a daily basis (read: hourly basis) I could at the very least put this ranty energy to some sort of productive use. Therefore this year’s A- Z Challenge will mostly be angry old man rants, …

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Nov 03

Punch the walrus

Sometimes I avoid doing certain things because they make me angry, not necessarily because they’re bad things but because I’m easy to wind up. But then I realise everything makes me angry to some degree. You think this would make for an easy decision, if I’m going to be pissed off either way, and I …

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Jul 31

Flak jacket

I get a lot of flak about my leather jacket… *titter* flak jacket *makes note to change post title* But the truth is it means a hell of a lot more to me than most people assume. I’ve been spotted across crowded rooms in record time, identified by people meeting me for the first time, …

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Apr 10

I is for Indecent exposure

They say any exposure is good exposure. Try telling that to the dude who carved his novel, chapter by chapter, into those dead  hooker’s chests *is handed urgent note* he sold HOW many copies?! NOTE TO SELF: Find some hookers – preferably already dead to avoid wet work. Who they are isn’t quite clear and …

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