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Apr 01

A is for ‘…and another thing!’

…and also for ‘arseholes’. I figured since I Meldrew (yes, Meldrew is a perfectly acceptable verb in this case!) on a daily basis (read: hourly basis) I could at the very least put this ranty energy to some sort of productive use. Therefore this year’s A- Z Challenge will mostly be angry old man rants, …

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Nov 03

Punch the walrus

Sometimes I avoid doing certain things because they make me angry, not necessarily because they’re bad things but because I’m easy to wind up. But then I realise everything makes me angry to some degree. You think this would make for an easy decision, if I’m going to be pissed off either way, and I …

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Jul 31

Flak jacket

I get a lot of flak about my leather jacket… *titter* flak jacket *makes note to change post title* But the truth is it means a hell of a lot more to me than most people assume. I’ve been spotted across crowded rooms in record time, identified by people meeting me for the first time, …

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Apr 10

I is for Indecent exposure

They say any exposure is good exposure. Try telling that to the dude who carved his novel, chapter by chapter, into those dead  hooker’s chests *is handed urgent note* he sold HOW many copies?! NOTE TO SELF: Find some hookers – preferably already dead to avoid wet work. Who they are isn’t quite clear and …

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Feb 24

Quitting Time!

It’s a February thing, right? Something in the air that makes writers want to throw down their work, fold their arms, pout their lip, and declare “that’s it, I give up!” Forums, FB, and Twitter seem to be full of people announcing their intentions to quit writing at the moment: “It’s too hard, what’s the …

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