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Jun 28

It’s catch up time…again

Sometimes I feel like I should change my blog schedule to once a month, at least then I wouldn’t feel guilty about having to post these little catch up sessions. The problem is if I do then I’ll probably find some way to avoid the new schedules as well! DAMN THE MAN!! Damn schedules! BUT… …

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Apr 10

I is for Interviews

One surprising technique I find helps with keeping motivated is to read interviews, whether it be a tête à tête with a famous author or a lowly aspiring writer, delving into the mind of your peers can be a great inspiration. Not only can interviews be a useful source of technical information such as how …

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Mar 08

International Women’s Day

To celebrate International Women’s Day I’m going to point you in the direction of some wonderful, if not slightly unstable, women writers…you’re welcome.     The Horrifically Horrifying Horror Blog Jo and the Novelist Icy Sedgwick The Collective Works of E.E. Zulkoski Ramblings of a Frustrated Crime Writer Lily Childs Feardom Emma Bragg I Refuse …

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Feb 08

Featured Author: Patsy Collins

Patsy Collins is another one of my wonderful Movember donators, and as her reward for being so kind I’m here to ask you all – please find some time to check out her website. Patsy writes…a lot, in fact not only has she completed a couple of novels she’s also had over 150 stories accepted …

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Jan 25

Top Writing Blog Award

Nominees for the ecollegefinder.org Top Writing Blog Award have gone live…and I’m there, ready and waiting for your vote! Just head on over to the following link and click on Steven Chapman (writer)…or whoever you want to vote for! No pressure *cough cough* http://blog.ecollegefinder.org/writing-blog-award