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Nov 12

The masses are panicking

We’re all going to die! The sky is falling! Our novels are doomed! No one will ever love me! I can’t feel my legs! Is that Godzilla? We’re all doo… [We interrupt this broadcast to bring you a special news bulletin] You’re not going to die, you’re legs are still there, that’s not Godzilla, and …

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Oct 14

Writers need hugs too

There has been a lot of death lately. Well, to be fair there has always been a lot of death. But this feels closer. Esteemed colleagues, friends, this feels personal. And whilst death is never entirely fair, those taken from us have been taken in extremely unfair ways. And the response has always been the …

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Oct 17

They’re heeeere…

Yes, I’m talking about the NaNoWriMo haters. I’ve already seen the moaners, the whingers, and the blissfully ignorant laughing and pointing their fingers. “HA HA HA HA, writing? You don’t know what writing is!” Half of them say “You should be writing every month!” and the other half are saying “50,000 words in 30 days? …

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Mar 16

A-Z Blogging Challenge 2013

It’s almost time for the A-Z Blogging Challenge! Basically you post every day during April (apart from Sundays) which handily results in 26 days, allowing you to theme your posts around the letters of the alphabet. Stick to one topic, such as writing, or bounce around like a loon and change theme each day. As …

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Jul 17


Nothing much new to update you on, still writing when I can, moaning when I shouldn’t be, and staying up until the wee hours of the morning doing pretty much naff all. Work is the same, home life is the same…boring old me. So instead I bring you exciting pimpage! I’ll just fetch my best …

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