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Oh look, it’s been months since I last posted that must mean I’m juuuusst about due for another rant/post. And this time I’ve actually been up to stuff! Dun dun duuuunn! I’ve been chipping away at my writing – still having weekly meet ups with the NaNo crew to keep my motivation up. A few …

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Invisible ink? I don’t see the point

A friend just forwarded me this link: Book publisher experiments with invisible ink The gist is that if a book is printed using disappearing ink then it will instil a sense of urgency in the reader to get on with it and bloody finish the book. Hmm…is it just me or does this sound like …

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Top Writing Blog Award

Nominees for the ecollegefinder.org Top Writing Blog Award have gone live…and I’m there, ready and waiting for your vote! Just head on over to the following link and click on Steven Chapman (writer)…or whoever you want to vote for! No pressure *cough cough* http://blog.ecollegefinder.org/writing-blog-award

Bloody Women!

Good news everyone! My debut story at Thrillers, Killers ‘n’ Chillers blog is online for you to eyeball with your eyeballs. Thrillers, Killers ‘n’ Chillers is a webzine dedicated to writing and reading short stories and flash fiction in the most daring of genres, including crime, noir, action, thriller, horror, weird, spooky, supernatural and slice …

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stevenchapmanwriter.com is alive!!

Allliiiiiivvvveeeee!!!!  So I finally gave up fighting with Blogger…too much hard work, ok…too much work full stop. Now I make the rules! Obviously there is a chuff-monkey load more work to do until this site resembles somewhere I can happily hang my hat up and call home…but until then this will have to do. I …

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