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Apr 06

D is for ‘Doohickeys and thingamabobs’

…and also for douchecanoe I see far too many conversations or forum threads dedicated to the most inane writing topics: “I need a realistic hobby for my time-travelling French resistance fighter!” “I can’t possibly write without knowing which piece of writing software is the best of the best of the best…” “What shall I call …

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Apr 30

Z is for Zanyism

Awooooga…barmy about backspacing, crazy for characters, dotty about dialogue, eccentric epigraphically, foolish with footnotes, goofy with grammar, habromanic about hyperbole, insane about italics, jargon-juiced, kookily knocking words out, loony for line spacing, manic about manuscripts, noggins full of names, obsessed with onomatopoeia… …perpetually pacing paragraphs, quirkily quoting, reading readily, scribbling scenes, twisting traits, unhinged uniqueness, …

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Aug 18

Flirting with new ideas…

Ok, so you’re talking to this really hot girl – or boy, I’ll leave that bit of this hypothetical situation up to you (my only stipulation is that whoever/whatever you are chatting up has a rum and coke in one hand and one of those twinkle smiles, like a game show host or an eighties …

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Aug 17

stevenchapmanwriter.com is alive!!

Allliiiiiivvvveeeee!!!!  So I finally gave up fighting with Blogger…too much hard work, ok…too much work full stop. Now I make the rules! Obviously there is a chuff-monkey load more work to do until this site resembles somewhere I can happily hang my hat up and call home…but until then this will have to do. I …

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