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Apr 05

C, D, and E are for Crap…disaster! End.

Yep its official, I’m bowing out of the A-Z Challenge this year. My third year doing the challenge and the first time I’ve had to give up…so much for third time lucky. Or is it lucky you don’t have to read my posts?? I’m really sorry to be doing this, especially so close to the …

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Apr 23

T is for Throw away your television

Goggle box, boob tube, small screen, opiate of the masses, pictocube, or if you have kids…the babysitter – whatever you call your television I think we can agree that it’s a love/hate relationship for writer’s and their idiot boxes. Some have managed to switch off their television sets for good and to those people, I salute you! …

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Apr 12

K is for Know your enemy

You have a nemesis. An evil, malicious, vindictive adversary who will let nothing stand in their way during their mission to prevent you from getting that book finished. Unfortunately I can’t tell you who or what that enemy is. Nope, they haven’t kidnapped my family and threatened me with returning them; they haven’t put a bounty …

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Aug 30

The end is nigh!!

Sorry, Churchill you were wrong. This IS the beginning of the end. The beginning of the end of my novel’s plot that is…or so I thought. Now I like endings, to me the ending is the most important part of a novel. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this in another post somewhere on this site, but …

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Aug 19

There’s always tomorrow…right?

I was going to write this post tomorrow, I mean why do today what you can put of until tomorrow…right? I’d think about what to write today, maybe jot down a few notes, brainstorm on the commute, but ultimately I could put the post off until tomorrow. Then I realised how much I have to …

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