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Nov 11

Failure is not an option

Tomorrow is 20k day! Not a 20k race, something much more challenging…hitting the 20k mark in your NaNo novel. If you’re nowhere near hitting the magic number yet, don’t fret. NaNo is a challenge, yes, but that doesn’t mean you fail if you don’t hit the 50k. Ok, you don’t finish the NaNo challenge but …

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Apr 05

C, D, and E are for Crap…disaster! End.

Yep its official, I’m bowing out of the A-Z Challenge this year. My third year doing the challenge and the first time I’ve had to give up…so much for third time lucky. Or is it lucky you don’t have to read my posts?? I’m really sorry to be doing this, especially so close to the …

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Apr 01

A is for All together now!

It’s the first of April, which can mean only one thing…no, not the closure of YouTube or the launch of Google Nose. I’m talking about the A-Z Challenge!! Starting from today I’ll be blogging every day in April (except Sundays) and theming the posts around the alphabet. By leaving out Sundays you just happen to …

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