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Apr 14

M is for Me! Me! Me!

Well, not me-you. But the you that sees you as a me…which is still you but only a you not pointed out by me. It’s a me (not me-me, you-me) pointed out by you, which ultimately…oh you know what I mean!! It’s you! You, you, you…all about you! Time to be selfish, bitches! A lot …

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Apr 11

J is for Just do it

No excuses, no apologies, no pleading ignorance, or citing some fictitious reason for not being able to write. There is no excuse for not writing, just ones you are willing to accept. You start making excuses now and you’ll just keep pushing that line you’re not willing to cross further and further back until you can’t …

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Jan 30

Plodding on…

…it’s all part of the writing game. Bit by bit, chip away, one step at a time, one foot in front of the other, pen to paper, bum in seat, hard slog, keep going, end in sight? Is it bollocks…tough noogies, keep going. Pen, paper, pen, paper, type, delete, edit, delete, type, scream, coffee, type, …

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