Tag: building on ideas

Apr 02

B is for Bibliomancy

Bibliomancy refers to divination by opening a book at random…or in our case, getting a bloody good idea from poking a random book with our index finger. Hell, I’m not picky, you can use your middle finger, thumb, nose, or *cough* other various appendages. It’s up to you really, but whatever fleshy prodding device you …

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Apr 30

X is for Xenogamy

I know a few writers that shudder at the thought of taking on multiple genres or trying something new…thankfully I’m not one of them and I can embrace the thought of cross pollination within my work. I’m quite happy to accept that as much as I like one particular genre I can’t help but submit …

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Apr 16

N is for Notebooks

Nothing is more guaranteed to make a writer swoon than a new notebook. Recycled, lined, branded, cheap, expensive, spiral bound, it doesn’t make a difference – a fresh and clean notebook always feels good in your hands. I’m sure you all have your favourite kinds but in the end they all mean the same thing …

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Feb 21

Writing prompts

Whether you love them or hate them writing exercises can be good for those times when the words just won’t flow. Maybe you’re starting a new project and have no idea what to write about, maybe you’re stuck on an existing project and need to get those fingers moving, you might be trying to get …

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Aug 04

Camp NaNoWriMo: Day 4 – To plot or not to plot…

  As promised yesterday I want to explain to you the differences between plotting a novel and winging it.   There are many people who will argue being a plotter (someone who plans where their story is going) is far more sensible and logical than being a pantser (the term for someone who writes by …

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