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Nov 28

The Mystery of the Missing Chunk

Seriously, before you read this post…find your latest novel/short/poem/screenplay and hit SAVE! Hit it multiple times, hit it with vigour and purpose, hit it with a large tree branch ripped from the nearest Larch! Don’t do that last one, it will probably do more computer harm than good. I’m telling you this because I’ve just lost …

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Nov 03

Punch the walrus

Sometimes I avoid doing certain things because they make me angry, not necessarily because they’re bad things but because I’m easy to wind up. But then I realise everything makes me angry to some degree. You think this would make for an easy decision, if I’m going to be pissed off either way, and I …

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Oct 21

Don’t Panic!

Some of you will have ideas by now and some of you won’t. But panic knows no bounds. Just because you have an idea doesn’t mean you haven’t chewed your fingernails to the cuticle and worn a line in your office carpet walking back and forth trying to convince yourself your idea isn’t a worthless …

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Oct 17

They’re heeeere…

Yes, I’m talking about the NaNoWriMo haters. I’ve already seen the moaners, the whingers, and the blissfully ignorant laughing and pointing their fingers. “HA HA HA HA, writing? You don’t know what writing is!” Half of them say “You should be writing every month!” and the other half are saying “50,000 words in 30 days? …

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Nov 01

NaNoWriMo – Day 1: One small step

So NaNo has begun…wooooo! (50% actual woo / 50% sarcastic woo) I started at midnight, which was a mistake as I haven’t been sleeping well lately and I probably should have been tucked up in the land of nod…but waking up on the 1st with 1,235 words under belt was worth it 🙂 This isn’t the …

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