S is for Someday

Someday is a word I hear (and use) far too much. A fictional day sometime in the future where we’ll all sit down and crank out that novel that’s been lingering around, half-finished, on our hard drives for far too long. It’s a magical day when all of a sudden everyone will become organised and motivated and we’ll zoom through those to do lists that have been gathering dust for so many years.

Someday is just code for never.

And when the hell is someday? Is it a yearly event or does it only happen once? That’s the problem with someday, nobody actually knows. It just keeps on moving further and further away as the days go on. You just keep promising yourself that someday you’ll finish that bestseller that is going to change your life. Someday you’ll tell your boss to stick their desk up their arse and concentrate on your writing career.


You probably have at least one idea you’re saving for someday. Maybe your entire career will start someday, why bother starting it today when you can wait for that perfect moment. After all if you got on with things now then you’d have all that pesky spare time to deal with later.

Make someday today.

Go write that book.



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    • Liz Brownlee on April 21, 2012 at 23:42
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    I have a lot of ideas in pads which I think occasionally about looking at, I know i will, i know I won’t, someday… LOL!

    Like touching up the paint before the house needs painting again. Well – that never happened.

    But will it ever change?

    1. I’m awful when it comes to someday syndrome, I really need to stop saying it 🙁

  1. Thanks for continuing to provide those striving to become authors with that push forward to get something done. 🙂

  2. I thought not having the 9-5 grind would free me up to be ready for ‘someday’ – but ‘life’ has a canny way of throwing a box full of spanners in the works….

    Oh well, maybe someday……

  3. Hello, Steven! Great post!! But I don’t think someday is a code for never. It really depends on what you’re somedaying about! I say “someday” when talking about a future house. We’re saving, so I know the house is going to happen someday. Just not yet. And someday I will be published. I’m writing every day and submitting and collecting rejections. I’m moving forward and progressing so I know it’s going to happen someday. It just hasn’t happened yet!

    If you say someday but never take any action to achieve it, then sure, it means never. But if you say someday and are actively pursuing it, then yes, someday what you want will happen!

    Hope you’re having a lovely weekend and happy A to Z!!

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