R is for Revisit old work

…revisit any novels or stories you may have forgotten about or neglected for a while.

You’re probably so consumed with your current WIP, that you might need a quick destress in order to give it your full attention. We’ve not gone back to P is for Please yourself here, although if that helps knock yourself (one) out…but straight back to work afterwards. Actually, wash your hands first.

Sometimes looking at older work can be a great reassurance, whichever of the following two ways it goes down:

Oh my god! This stuff is absolute donkey piss! I’ve crapped out better words after binging on alphabetti spaghetti! But…but…I understand it’s bad. That must mean I’m improving. I can actually see the progression of my skills improving through this pile of dirge. Some of the newer stuff ain’t half bad. My god, I’m learning! I could be published one day!

Oh wow! Look at these shining piles of amazingness! I r the bestest! I must be a natural *rubs older work on nipples* I’m just so damn good! Mmmmm…me!

Ok, so granted the above two examples are slightly exaggerated from real life but you get the point.

Reviewing older work can be a great confidence boost. Not only that but you might find something half-finished that you now have the time, skill, and perseverance to actually finish. Maybe it’s a novel without an ending, or a short that needs editing. Maybe you need to flesh out those two-dimensional characters or update all the dialogue into a more realistic and flowy style…flowy is a word!

Whatever you do with your old work, whether you frame it or burn it, I hope it leaves you inspired to work hard on your current WIP, to either prove yourself right or wrong.

And while you’re delving into to your drawers, so to speak, this might be an excellent time to…

What the fuck is this shit??

4 thoughts on “R is for Revisit old work

  • April 22, 2014 at 22:44

    Actually I read a book again that I hadn’t read in 20 years. Vampire thing and except for the pov (the fad changes hourly I swear) it was better than a lot of current ones.I’m also revisiting a story I started – I start a lot of them – and what I wrote 6 months ago is nothing like what I have in mind now.

    but then again I lost my mind in an old office move years ago

    • April 22, 2014 at 23:12

      It’ll turn up one day, when you don’t need it anymore.

      • April 23, 2014 at 00:42

        not sure I need it now – it’s really a funny story


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