Herbert’s Rats and Zombie Ants

It’s a great news-day today horror fans! With Bradford invaded by giant rats… …and ancient zombie ants discovered in Germany! Bring on the zombocalypse!!

Novel Progress (34,000)

C’mon people, someone give me a kick up the arse/some words of encouragement/threatening gestures/inspiration so I can pull my finger out and crack on with my current WIP. It currently stands at 34,000 words and I seem to have hit a stumbling block. It can’t be a motivation thing as I have turned my hand …

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New Short Story Progress

I’ve just finished the first draft of another short story I’m going to submit for a Pill Hill Press anthology. It currently stands at 8,514 words which I’ll start editing tomorrow. Oh bugger, its after midnight it IS tomorrow…umm I’ll crack on with it later tomorrow/today, when I’ve slept on it. Check back for updates.

Creepy Things

Just a quick update to let you know I’ve been accepted into the Static Movement anthology titled Creepy Things. Look out for my short story ‘Entomophobia’ when the anthology is released, I’ll keep you updated of when this is as soon as I know.

It’s alive! Aliiiive!!!

Welcome to my new blog! This is the new dumping ground for my thoughts, rants and any scribbles or ideas I fancy posting. I’ll try to keep my rantings to a minimum and my nonsensical advice giving on the lowest setting possible, although it probably won’t last that long. Most of the posts here will …

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