P is for Please yourself


I don’t mean dim the lights and crack open the Vaseline. I mean ignore those bloody ostriches and learn things for yourself. You’re a lone wolf, a rogue demon hunter(what’s a rogue demon?), you are the sole member of the band FUCK YEAH! There may be the odd person that helps you along the way – a genuine non-ostrich – but the best way to find these opposite ostrich oracles is to get on with it and knuckle down on your own.

No, no, no…put the hand cream down – I mean knuckle down with your novel.

You don’t have to ignore all advice; you can still seek out knowledge in other forms. Read books, join forums, buy magazines (especially any I feature in!), and soak up knowledge rather than unsolicited advice.

And remember you don’t have to please anyone else. Not right now. Of course when you send off your work, you’ll probably want to try and please that pesky publisher or exasperating editor. But up until then, stick it out on your own.

I understand by saying this I’m pretty much kicking you out of my blog. Stop listening to silly know-it-alls who tout advice like Tom Cruise touts alien based religious material, means you’ll probably avoid this site at all costs.

Noooo! Come back! I’ll post more semi-nudes…

Wait, why are you running faster?

Maybe this is a perfect time for…

(not THAT…the next post!)


I molested myself last night. I said no, but I knew I wanted it…


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  1. I know it should all be about the words – and I am reading them, honest – but your photos…really?!

    • susan on April 22, 2014 at 22:37
    • Reply

    I assume you take your own pics…

    1. Why do you ask that?! 😛

        • susan on April 23, 2014 at 00:45
        • Reply

        what was I thinking (still mindless) of course you wouldn’t be embarrassed for people to see your poses

        1. I’m putting the photos on the Internet! What difference would a photographer make 😛 But no, this challenge I’ve been (mostly) doing my own photos. If it looks a bit naff I took it, if it looks decent my dad did…he’s a photographer not just into weird photos 😀

            • susan on April 23, 2014 at 04:10

            not “just” into weird photos – explain

            yes on the internet so the world can see you – told you I lost my mind
            anyway am rejuvenated – just watched Blacklist 😀

  2. I hope you’re wearing a Marigold…

  3. I’m a bit shocked that his hand didn’t need to go further in. Unless he’s just pretending…

    But to address your words – I did my own thing. I got published. But if you write too far off genre then it is very difficult to get bookshops to stock your book as if they don’t understand where it should be stacked they don’t.

  4. LMAO! I love the cheeky comments you’ve gotten with this one! And the advice was good too!

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