Onwards and upwards…

My ‘onwards and upwards’ plan (not so much a plan as a hope-really-good-things-happen-for-no-reason kind of deal) is in full effect. I may not have got as much writing done as I wanted to in January, but that’s because I was busy SELLING MY HOUSE! Yes, it’s gone! The house of awkwardness I bought so many moons years ago is no more. Ok, it’s still standing but I have nothing to do with it! Huzzah! Those who know me well know how much crap I went through with the house and…bleargh, let’s not get into the crap stuff. Also think I’ve used up my ! quota so I’d better move onto more mundane news.

I sold my first ever article!

Oops, looks like I had one more exclamation point hidden away.

Look out for March’s copy of ‘Writing Magazine’ and have a gander at pages 42-43 for my article “Embrace the Dark Side” where I try and convince you bad guys aren’t all that bad, and delving into your dark side can be great for your novel.

So right now I’m busy looking for a new house, busy writing articles, and busy resisting the ever present urge to add an exclamation point to every second sentence.

Busy feels good for once.

Comic from the excellent ‘Toothpaste For Dinner’

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