Apr 17

O is for Oooh yeeaah/shhiiit!

Oooh yeeaah! is the feeling you get when you finish something. It could be a first draft or a finished novel, it might mean finally achieving perfection with that dreaded covering letter or synopsis, or it might even just be finalising a kick ass idea for your next novel. Whatever the occasion you should try and remember how that oooh yeeaah! moment feels.

Every writer needs a good oooh yeeaah! moment in their lives; it’s the first part of your celebration when you finish something you’re proud of. Without a damn good oooh yeeaah! to look forward to it can be hard to find the motivation to continue. So make sure you really appreciate all your oooh yeeaah! moments and try to never forget just how good they feel.

Of course being an aspiring writer (strange term) means you’ll probably also have your fair share of oooh shhiiit! moments as well. That feeling of ohholycrapwhatthehelldidido!! Unfortunately these moments tend to come with a little more frequency than the oooh yeeaah! moments, which sucks but isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If you pay attention you can learn valuable lessons from oooh shhiiit! moments.

I remember one time when I experienced both oooh yeeaah! and oooh shhiiit! moments on the same damn night. I’d just finished the final draft of a short story I was penning for a horror anthology. It felt great. I’d finally kicked that story into touch and it was ready to send. So I sent it…like an idiot. Even though I’d read the bloody thing through (multiple times) it wasn’t until after I hit send that I noticed a ridiculous spelling error in my story. The oooh yeeaah! had barely left my lips before it turned into the dreaded oooh shhiiit! moment that I’ve learnt to fear. But it served a purpose – since that night I have never sent out a story with a spelling error (touch wood).

So whenever you have an oooh yeeaah! moment or an oooh shhiiit! moment remember to learn something from  it. That way you’ll be saying yeeaah! a lot more than you’ll be saying shhiiit!


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  1. Excellent advice. A lot can be learned from both our successes as a writer, and our failures.

  2. My oooh yeah shiit! moment is usually a restrained squeak followed by an irrepressible grin.

  3. Do ‘da fuck?! moments count too? You know, like when you write and write like a feverish lunatic for days and then remember to check your carefully plotted outline (the one you’ve written in blood and sweat) and discover you’ve been writing a completely different story? And you can’t stitch it together?

    You’re damn right about learning from one’s own “ooohs”. Better than any advice coming from outside, however well intended. 🙂

    Thanks for a much needed reminder!

  4. I need to get more balance between these moments. More “oooh yeahhh!” would be awesome. 🙂

  5. Thanks for the giggle.

    • Liz Brownlee on April 17, 2012 at 20:59
    • Reply

    There must be something wrong with me – I only get a happy feeling when someone says, i like this – until then, I feel too worried about it! Certainly had the other one though!

  6. “oooh yeeaah!” to this Blog!

    1. 😀

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