Novel Progress (34,000)

C’mon people, someone give me a kick up the arse/some words of encouragement/threatening gestures/inspiration so I can pull my finger out and crack on with my current WIP.

It currently stands at 34,000 words and I seem to have hit a stumbling block. It can’t be a motivation thing as I have turned my hand to churning out several short stories for anthologies. It’s not plot difficulties as I have a reasonable structure that I can fall back on when I need to. I don’t think its my characters or setting that’s the problem, and for now I’m ignoring the terrible dialogue, so it could be dun dun dun…. a dreaded case of the Writer’s Blues (a.k.a Why, oh why, did I start THIS piece of crap??), in which case I guess I’ll just have to knuckle down and push through my ‘lack of confidence’ in the novel.

Anyway, I’m posting my word count so you lot can give me a kicking if it doesn’t increase pretty sharpish!

One thought on “Novel Progress (34,000)

  • August 25, 2010 at 19:01

    Okay. Here goes – heel of shoe kicking you on the behind!!!!


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