National Libraries Day

Today is National Libraries Day! A day dedicated to those big rooms full of hundreds of books…no, not my office, those bigger buildings with vast shelves of fiction, non-fiction, and a multitude of various research materials.

If you have the chance then please visit the National Libraries Day website today and see what all the fuss is about. Visit your local library and peruse the shelves for a while. I know Amazon is just a click away but nothing can beat the feeling of tilting your head to an odd angle and scanning shelf after shelf of musty old books…mmm, I can smell them now! And after all these books FREE!

Why not join the National Libraries Day Community and find out what’s happening in your area? You can find where local events are taking place and just what your library is doing to celebrate this magnificent day.

I still remember the joy of visiting my local library as a child. I would sit in the side of the building set aside for children’s books piling high volumes of gross and horrific tales…not much has changed then!

I remember visiting my high school library for the first time and gaping open mouthed at all the ‘adult’ books – who was this ‘Stephen King’ and would I ever get through a book this big? It was ‘Christine’ for those of you who were wondering, and no I didn’t get through it. I was barely eleven…and far too giddy to sit with a single book for such a long length of time.

Libraries still excite me and just recently I have discovered the joys of university libraries…bloody hell, those places are huge! And heaven for a knowledge-hunting geek like myself!

If you can’t make it to a library today, then try and make it to one soon. With hundreds of UK libraries being closed down it would be a shame if you lost the chance to explore them before they disappeared. Take your children, force them to put down the Xbox controllers they’re holding with a death grip, let them know there’s a building just down the road full of adventures, and magical journeys, and terrifying but wonderful voyages across worlds they’ve yet to discover. Hell, tell them they even have zombie books nowadays! Books based ON videogames, books about farting, bogeys…and other things children love!

Don’t forget that excitement you felt as a child when you visited the library, that heartbreak you felt as you held four books you really wanted knowing you only had three library tickets, the thrill of discovering a new favourite book…

…and if you’ve never felt like that, then what are you waiting for?? Go! Now! Find a library! Go on, I’m not going to say anything interesting until you come back from the library!

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