Nano 2011 is OVER!!

Ok, so I began today at 40k with a plan to get up at the crack of dawn and panic write for as long as it took to finish!

When I woke up at 11:30 I was perturbed to say the least, then I had to run round like an idiot because I’d left my charger at someone else’s house and they weren’t in. Thankfully by the time I’d jogged down there I only had to wait ten minutes before they arrived to save the day!

But then I had to wait for a bus…long story short I started my writing day at around 2pm rather the ridiculously over zealous 6am(ish) I had originally planned for.

Café Nero was busy when I got there, no plugs available…laptop on 0% charge!

The tables freed up pretty quickly and I got to work…holy crap, 10k to go and 10 hours to midnight (coincidence?). I set to work and tried to ignore the screaming babies, loud telephone conversations, and the rest of the nano group sat around adding to their 150k novels and playing computer game (just kidding I seriously would not have finished if you guys weren’t there spurring me on!).

Then I looked up and it was 7pm, the Nero staff were kicking us out and I knew if I went home I would never finish…so I went to the office (thank God for 24 hour access!). I tapped away for an hour and a half…and checked my word count.


What the fudge?

I’d finished nano?! I’d started the day 10k behind and 6.5 hours later I WAS DONE!

I’m so thankful for all the people at the write-ins that have really helped me during this tough month. I’ve had the toughest month of the year (so far!) and I genuinely would not have got through nano without you guys. My weeks were so busy (and crappy) that if I hadn’t been able to catch up on the weekends, I would not have made the total by Nov 30th.

There were so many times when I really wanted to give up and concentrate on the crapness that is my life this month, but thanks to the Leeds Café Nerd crew I’ve not only managed to survive a heck of a lot of s**t, I’ve also got half of my latest novel down on paper.

I’m sorry I was so quiet (hell, I was even the loner in SIMS!) but like I said I was catching up so much on the weekends I only had time to occasionally lift my head and make smutty remarks when I felt they were absolutely necessary (I’m sure they were appreciated).

So I’m really looking forward to the TGIO party where I can give you all the attention (and groping) that you deserve, without having to drag a bloody laptop or notebook around with me! Here’s to letting our hair down on the 10th!

Thanks guys!!



Oh, and for anyone following my Movember progress, the ‘tache is now gone (woo!) and I raised £123!! Thanks for donating people!!


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  1. Well done in achieving what you set out to do! The thought of 10,000 words in ten hours is just mind-boggling. How do you recover afterwards?

    1. Thanks, Rob. It was pretty daunting but I somehow muddled through…just don’t ask me how! I still have no idea!

  2. Cheers 🙂

    I’ll let you know when I figure it out, Rob!

  3. Brilliant ! Congratulations… and enjoy the party !

    1. Cheers, Brenda…I bought some Ben & Jerry’s to celebrate, the three of us had a party 🙂

  4. Hey! Congratulations! It must be a great feeling…and you’ve got a lovely badge too.

    1. Thanks, Fiona! Yep, it’s a great feeling!

      It was tough getting there but totally worth it. Bring in NaNo 2012!

  5. Congratulations.

  6. Congrats. Although to be fair, you probably wouldn’t have done it without me, so, you’re welcome.

    1. What do you know?! You didn’t finish, you’re a failure as a creative writing teacher! Booooooooo…

      Take away my glory, will ya?


  7. Well done – I still haven’t attempted NaNo, but then again, the longest thing I’ve ever written is a short story!


    1. Thanks, Marion. It’s hard work to hit the target within the deadline, but definitely worth it! I think short stories are more of a challenge, at least during the first draft. Trying to tell a story tight enough so that it doesn’t ramble on and on is quite hard!

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