Monday of Darkness

It’s time for another week of inane zombie themed posts! That’s right, its ‘Zombie Week 2012’ – where once again I rant and rave about the undead and also try to gather a bit of research material for my upcoming zombie apocalypse novel – yeah, I’m still writing that one, blame other novels for getting in the way. If you don’t know what Zombie Week is all about, or just want to see what last year’s version was like, then check out Zombie Week 2011 under the Useful Posts link.

I think we covered most of the obvious subjects last year; conventions and rules, fast zombies vs. slow zombies, science, weapons, biology, killing your family, and even zombie badgers! This year I want to concentrate on giving my novel a touch of realism, since we’ve covered most of the sciencey/weirdy bits already.

So first things first – anyone out there already have a zombie escape plan in mind?

Have you got your BOB packed and a shotgun propped up against the backdoor, just in case? Do you know where you’ll go when news of a viral outbreak hits, or will you just wing it? Are you going it alone or will you work with others to survive?

We all like to think we’d be cool as a cucumber in certain situations, but in reality could you really turn into Rick Grimes after seeing your family turned into Zombie chum?

I’d like to hear what you think you’d do if you heard news of a zombie outbreak.

Let’s say the news has been covering a viral outbreak for a few days now, and it’s getting closer and closer to your quiet little community.

One night you hear a noise outside and peak through the curtains. A shadowy figure is hunched over a large object. You grab your baseball bar/candlestick holder/plastic spatula and head on out to investigate. When you reach your neighbours garden the floodlight above their door springs to life and illuminates a bloodied figure chewing on old Mr. Wilson. You drop your spatula and flee back to your house. You grab for the phone but there’s no dial tone. You turn into an idiotic movie character by saying ‘hello’ a few times to the dead line. The power goes out and the neighbourhood is plunged into darkness. At the sound of your girly shrieks and profanities the zombie outside suddenly takes an interest in your house.

It’s heading right towards you, dragging one broken foot across your driveway.

It’s getting closer…

…and he’s brought friends…

What do you do? Where do you go?


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  1. I would like to see the survivor open the door and just wait for the inevitable, but of course I’m speaking for the undead.
    If they are interested in survival rather than joining the horde, and I don’t see why that would be – we’re such a fun-loving horde, then they should play Thriller on a loop. We can’t help dancing to it. If a record player is unavailable, then get to the car and get away. Bring a cell phone and head to the nearest police station or military base.

    1. That’s it; I’m downloading ‘Thriller’ onto my phone right now! It’s the ultimate zombie defence!

      I think I’d also be a little tempted to just let the zombie have its way with me, I shuffle about most of the day, groaning and feasting anyway so why not do it with a group of like-minded individuals?

  2. Well, here’s the thing. I already live in a small, rural town in Illinois. The sign outside town reads 800 for the population. We’re already a pretty small community, surrounded by acres and acres (read miles) of farm country. Most of us own firearms. We hunt, we fish, we raise gardens.

    For us, it’d be a matter of defending our homes and walling in or fencing in the town. It honestly wouldn’t take much in this situation. We’re bounded to the north by some major water-ways.

    First thing to do, would be to clean out town of the ones infected, and put up a cordon. After that, it would be a matter of self-sufficency for those of us left in town.

    1. Sounds like an ideal situation, David. I think eventually no matter how much terror and death occurs, we’d all have to attempt to settle down into communities again, so having the advantages of your town’s location and setting sounds pretty damn handy!

  3. Since guns aren’t prevalent in the UK I’d try to get to a police station and break into the armoury. But first I’d go to a hardware or DIY store to get a couple of hatchets. After that to a supermarket to stock up on supplies, and after that who knows!

    1. Good plan, DB, although you’d probably need to take another weapon just to fight through the crowds looking for weapons 😛

  4. I would try to slam the door in their faces and try to wake myself up. If that fails I’ll take a knife from the knifeblock and fight my way to the highstreet where I know there is a gun shop. If I’m not a zombie by now I would climb to the roof of a building and shoot ’em untill they get the hint.

  5. That would probably be my first impulse as well, Jack! WAKE UP! It would probably take me a long time to feel ready enough to leave and confront the zombies. Takes me long enough to get ready to go to work in the morning!

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