Midweek zombie goodness: Wednesday

So we’ve covered traditional vs. ‘wacky’ zombies, scientific explanations, weapons, the realm of believability, rotten ‘jelly’ like corpses chasing you down the street and even the best gravy to serve brains with…apparently its milk gravy!

Now I’d like to move on to what different groups of people would do, as in day to day life.

I mean you can only hold up for so long, wooden boards nailed to every possible entrance into your house. And you can’t have that much food in storage – especially during the recession – and what food you do have won’t last forever…

So when would you venture outside into the big bad world of the undead?

Would it be when the food ran out? Or maybe the first chance you got to make a break for it? Is there any point staying locked up, no matter securely, when the entire world has been taken over?

I guess you’d have to make a move sooner or later, you couldn’t just sit inside watching hideous reruns and the same DVDs over and over….ok, well I could, but that’s a specialist skill set that takes years to acquire.

Anyway, eventually you WOULD starve to death. With no food left and the water supply shut off from lack of maintenance, you’d have to venture outside sooner or later.

But what would become of society once the shock of the outbreak passed?

Would the remaining members of Government (here’s hoping there aren’t any) band together and try and form some sort of order? Or would they continue to lobby against each other for power?

Candidate A is for killing zombies and wants YOUR vote!
Candidate B thinks zombies are people too, and knows he can count on YOUR vote!

Would sections of society attempt to reform? Surely its natural instinct to huddle together for protection and warmth…and more (and by that I obviously I mean so we have enough people to play a decent football match).

If the Government, or army, or whoever had the power once the dust had settled, began to rebuild society would you rejoin or take the chance to opt out? After all rebuilding the world would take a lot of work.

First of all we’d have to set up secure zones, and then establish a list of jobs that needed completing and suitable candidates that could carry the tasks out.

If it ended up been a ‘let’s all pull together and do what needs to be done’ kind of situation, would you help? Band together and have another stab at the human race?

Or would you abandon the poor saps and try and form your own stable life, maybe with a handful of other survivors that have helped you chop, carve and shoot your way to freedom?

Basically I want to know what the end of the world would mean to you…

And as there are around twelve questions already kicking about this post, I’ll abandon the usual list of queries at the end and just let you mull over the whole post.

Thoughts, suggestions, queries, random insults…all are welcome!

Oh and look *points to the top of the screen* I’ve added a few more words to my novel today (about 3k).

Also, this has been a post full of questions rather than fun so please enjoy a picture of a flying zombie laser shark!

6 thoughts on “Midweek zombie goodness: Wednesday

  • March 16, 2011 at 21:11

    Hmm, I think Government would be decimated as when they get together as a collective they're ineffectual and individually they'd be useless. So you'd need somebody with a strong sense of control about them, like the military. The only way to secure a coherent response is to have people join together and they can only do that under strong and unquestionable leadership. Sure, you'd get some outcasts, thrown out for meat, but that's the price of war.

    I, personally, am a sheep with pretensions of being otherwise. I'd do whatever the collective told me to. Including getting thrown outside the perimeter.

  • March 16, 2011 at 22:12

    If I may nudge in the metaphor that the government are already zombies. They chaotically bump their way through the world hoping to survive unnoticed but devour all they can grab.

    Of course the zombie government needs brains so they rely upon their notoriously titled think tanks, or as I call them 'brain aquariums.'

    Even the new order of collectivism to rebuild a the world is basically the Zombie Big Society.

    The only thing missing are the cuts. I think they come later when the axes are raised.

  • March 16, 2011 at 22:22

    I like the idea of the military 'taking over' especially mixed with a few outcasts thrown out for meat! Blimey, you're not a sheep you're a wolf!

    I'm not sure if I'd not join the group just to do the opposite of what the 'authorities' told me to do…I'm contrary like that.

  • March 16, 2011 at 22:23

    Nudge away, Tony. Yep the government might be zombies but they aren't the good kind, you know the kind that munch on your…intestines..and…wait a minute, which ones are the 'good' zombies again?

  • March 16, 2011 at 23:22

    End of who's world? Ours or Zombies? Do you want your current hero to triumph and rid the world of flesh eaters or do you want him/her to be "zombified" and join a whole new world of Zombie life with zombie countries, zombie politicians, zombie racists and zombie hoodies? Define end of the world. Would zombie life be any different given the rule of "survival of the fittest"? What happens when everyone is a zombie? Do they vote for zombie presidency or does a nastier zombie eat all those who argue against his decisions? Once there are no "normals" left, what do zombies crave? Peace, love and harmony (and a Kentucky fried leg?) ?

  • March 16, 2011 at 23:30

    Our world and not sure if hero triumphs or not (plus I don't want to give anything away 😛 ) No society within the zombies, they're just mindless food mongers…a bit like me I suppose.

    Zombie hoodies sounds fun, at least then you can legally behead them!

    I reckon KFC meat is human enough without them having to deep fry the limbs themselves.


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