Apr 16

M is for Mumpsimus

Nope, not an unused character from the Harry Potter books, or a new Star Wars baddy in the upcoming trilogy…mumpsimus is actually when some cantankerous git decides they’re going to keep doing something the wrong way, even though some kind fellow has pointed out the error of their ways – without resorting to poking them in the eye with the closest bit of stationery.

They’re as wrong as a dead badger wearing your grandma’s knickers, but bugger them if they’re going to change!

According to legend the internet: In the mid-16th century, a young priest once corrected an old priest for saying mumpsimus instead of sumpsimus in the first prayer after Communion in the Latin Mass. ‘Son,’ said the old priest, ‘I’ve been saying mumpsimus for thirty years and I’m not going to change my old mumpsimus for your new sumpsimus.’

What. A. Twat.

There’s nothing wrong with being wrong…unless of course you’re a Twihard, that’s the wrongest kind of wrong *shudder*

The problem comes when you are unwilling to change, or to learn anything new. Ok, it stings like a motherfucker when someone points out the fact you’ve been saying “old timer’s disease” instead of “Alzheimer’s disease”, or singing “I’m not talking ’bout the linen” instead of “I’m not talking ’bout moving in”…you mondegreen moron!

But after the blushing (and punching your friend in the face), you accept that you were wrong and move on – you adapt your behaviour to suit.

Unless you’re a twatty priest who has no time for being right.

Don’t be a twatty priest, learn to admit you’re wrong every now and again.

I myself am never, ever wrong…until tomorrow, fellow word nerds, I shall leave you on tenderhooks about what my N post could be.

IMAG1306 - Copy

Noooooo!! My stationery!!


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  1. Veronica Sicoe

    Some people see the mote in someone else’s eye but not the pencil in theirs, eh?

  2. Steven Chapman

    That’s too insightful for this time of morning *grumbles off to find caffeine*

  3. Liz Brownlee

    Oh! I so agree. If only I was wrong sometimes, I could put this to good use…

  4. susan

    You are not only amusing but demonstrate a broad vocabulary – be a mensch and admit you’re fuzzy on the details sometimes

    1. Steven Chapman

      I am fuzzy on the details ALL the time – it’s the only thing I do consistently.

  5. saxtoncorner

    You called a priest a twat! Ha ha. That’s naughty.

    1. Steven Chapman

      It’s ok if he’s a twatty priest – then it’s allowed.

  6. Julianne Snow (@CdnZmbiRytr)

    You know, I never understood the whole Twihard phenomena…

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