Life’s a pitch and then you die

I pitched the megapitch this weekend…

I’m not scared of the megapitch!

Yeah! And then we’ll get up and poo her all over the table cause we’re not afraid of anything are we snotface?

Ok, I’m a little scared of the megapitch. It’s a tad larger than my previous attempts and it would mean a hell of a lot more work than usual, but holy crap if this gets the nod… Of course I’m under no illusion that it will be accepted, which makes my fear of the megapitch a little strange. Ah well, Little Strange is my middle name (NOTE: Other middle names of mine include, but are not limited to – Danger, Studmuffin Extraordinaire, Stinkypants McGee, Batman, and Captain Wiggles).

So if everyone could keep their fingers crossed for that one, that would be great.

Leeds Big Bookend was also on this (last?) weekend and I managed to get to a whole three events. Hey, that’s a lot for someone who prefers hiding on the sofa and pretending the floor is lava.

I made it to Emma Healey’s talk – she’s incredibly confident and kicked ass in her talk – I am not jealous of her in the slightest…grr. Emma was discussing her debut novel, ‘Elizabeth is missing’ – a tale told from the point of view of 82-year old Maud, who suffers from dementia, as she hunts for her missing friend, Elizabeth. I don’t want to say too much as I don’t want to spoil the plot, because you will read it…you WILL! But I can say Maud is a wonderful character and the story is gripping from the get go. Emma is currently doing a hundred (a hundred!!) talks around the UK so you still have plenty of chances to see her.

Next up was the launch party which had live music, a brilliant performance from Escape Youth Theatre, a hilarious talk from Martyn Bedford, and also free booze…which was nice. Also me mentioning I’d be there hiding quietly in the corner prompted Big Bookend volunteers to hunt me down and talk to me. Scary, but I needed it, so thanks for that!

The last event I managed to get to was ‘A Time for Crime’, which was a panel discussion with Steve Mosby, Frances Brody, and Chris Nickson. A very interesting talk about the challenges of crime fiction and the time periods in which it is set. I even felt inspired to dig out my in progress crime novel after this one.

I’ll try and make it to more events next year…and maybe even try to be productive enough to feature in one!

For those that missed the weekend The ‘Arts@Trinity Charity Dinner’ is on the 20th June if anyone fancies it. Supporting three charities the evening will consist of a 3 Course Dinner including a pre-dinner drink (provided by Nurture from St Georges Crypt); entertainment from Arts@Trinity, a ‘Beer Mat’ Art Auction, and tombola.

So yeah…I did (am doing) stuff. Go me!

3 thoughts on “Life’s a pitch and then you die

  • June 9, 2014 at 12:27

    I won’t be able to make it. I’m too busy huddled on my sofa, avoiding the alligators in the swamp.

    • June 9, 2014 at 14:16

      We should combine forces, dump the alligators in the lava and use their corpses as stepping stones 😀


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