K is for Know your enemy

You have a nemesis. An evil, malicious, vindictive adversary who will let nothing stand in their way during their mission to prevent you from getting that book finished. Unfortunately I can’t tell you who or what that enemy is. Nope, they haven’t kidnapped my family and threatened me with returning them; they haven’t put a bounty on my head, or made me an offer I couldn’t refuse…

I can’t tell you who your biggest enemy is because I don’t know but there is someone who does.


It could be anything from television to pterodactyls but it’s up to you to find out what your biggest enemy is and kick it right in the cream crackers.

You might be a TVaholic, whiling away the evening catching up on soaps and *shudder* ‘reality’ TV.

You might be a voracious knitter who insists on finishing three jumpers and two socks before you can turn in for the night.

You might even be a closet Bieber wannabe and spend hours in front of the mirror clutching your Bieber Hairdryer™ as if it’s an official Bieber microphone™ singing your favourite WankerBieber™ tunes.

Which is perfectly fine, but don’t come running to me later complaining you have no time to write. Sacrifices will have to be made (Please let me sacrifice Bieber!) in order for you to write, and you must seek out your biggest time wasting enemy and destroy it. Destroy it with maniacal glee (Please let me destroy Glee!) and don’t look back.

By identifying your worst enemy you can acknowledge it and begin to move past it. You may feel miserable at the prospect of packing away your knitting needles or your BieberDryer™ but don’t fret…writing cures all! When your word count starts to pile up and those goals become easier and easier to cross off you’ll soon forget about your television pterodactyls™…trust me, I’m a writer!


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  1. Made me smile – but oh so true! Tidying up, sorting stuff, cleaning stuff – when everything’s done, I’ll write. But of course it never is done!

    1. So cleaning is your worst enemy? Just stop cleaning…simple! 😀

    • Charlie on April 12, 2012 at 13:47
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    Omg how did you know about my official BieberDryer? ;____; I think my biggest enemy might be other people’s books! Which reminds me thanks for the little message in my library book, for some reason it took me til last night to work out who left it for me… 😀

    1. You and your Bieber fetish…I’m jealous disgusted!

      Wondered how long it would take you to find that! Hope it didn’t damage the book 😛

  2. This A-Z challenge is becoming my biggest time-suck lately! But at least it counts as writing, kinda-sorta.

    I can sympathize with Rosalie on the housekeeping. But “no one ever went to heaven for having a clean house”, according to my mother-in-law. I think that’s the only useful advice she’s ever given me!

    “Know” was my K word today too!

    1. Loving your mother’s advice 😀

      Will check out your K now!

  3. Yes I have quite a few, the internet being the worse one. I do a lot of research for my books and get side tracked.

  4. My writing enemy is Sims 3, which is why I only install it on my PC at certain time.

  5. My enemy is, of course, Official BieberBrand Cream Crackers(TM). That, and a certain A-to-Z Challenge. But no worries. By writing every day during April, I’m conditioning myself to continue in May, where my blogging void will have to be filled by my novel. That or Pterodactyl-Slash-Snooki fan fiction. (Oh Mr. Pterodactyl, please slash Snooki.)

  6. Facebook is my enemy. My husband recently deleted his account. Well, it’s deactivated because you can never really delete it. I’m thinking about deleting mine too because it is a bigger time suck than the Bieber dryer:) If people want to contact me, they can hop on over to my blog, which will be my website if I could figure all this technical stuff out.

    • Jack Dowd on April 16, 2012 at 11:17
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    The TV and playstation are my foes. They keep calling me… I feel guilty when I’m with them so I always return to my notepad or laptop in the end. 🙂

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