‘Just’ is a horrible word…

Just think about how maybe times you say it during any given day.

Ten times? Twenty? More?

Just five more minutes in bed; just one more tea break; an extra long lunch, just today; just as soon as my boss leaves, I will; just one more episode before I sit down and write; just one more film before bed; just, just, just.

It is the shortest and feeblest of excuses.

It’s just a bad day, just a bad sentence, just a lazy afternoon, just a scribbled out paragraph because bugger it I can’t concentrate until just one more series on Netflix.

I would do it, it’s just…

I catch myself saying the Evil J-word of Doom so times in a day if I turned it into a drinking game my liver would pack up before elevenses.

I have so many plans, so much motivation, but two minutes later the bastard ‘just’ creeps out of my mouth like a sneaky ninja ready to slice and dice my plans and schemes that may have worked out well for me otherwise.

Just is the killer of novels.

The slayer of life goals.

A soul sucking demon formed by four letters that takes your good intentions, bends them over and rams a red hot poker up…

*ahem* in case you hadn’t guessed it by now, ‘just’ is responsible for most of my failed plans. A perfect example – I’ve been trying to write this blog post for a week now, but the ‘justs’ multiplied like a Gremlin tossed into a pool and buried me alive in a pile of fleshy putrid-green justness.

I try to peel back the overbearing layers of hardship, it’s just…


Every sodding time! It’s just waiting, just sitting with a smug grin plastered across its lettery face, just waiting to wrap its arms around my throat and just…squeeze.

Well I’ve bloody had it with you, Just!

It’s just not working out.

You’re just not the word I’m looking for at the moment. It’s not you, it’s me. I just let you control me for far too long, as if my life was anything to do with you.

It’s just time to let go.

Time to carry on regardless of feeble excuses, of ninja adverbs creeping out of my mouth.

The word ‘just’ will no longer feature in my vocabulary.

Of course that means I can’t be a just and noble gentleman, or a just and righteous superhero, but this is the price one must pay to ensure they complete their life goals.

Ain’t that just a bitch?

Just five more minutes posing, please?
Just five more minutes posing, please?

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