It’s alive! Aliiiive!!!

Welcome to my new blog! This is the new dumping ground for my thoughts, rants and any scribbles or ideas I fancy posting. I’ll try to keep my rantings to a minimum and my nonsensical advice giving on the lowest setting possible, although it probably won’t last that long.

Most of the posts here will be related to my writing career (or lack thereof) as I attempt to get something published. Oh hang on. I already have something published! Well…it’s out soon. See the “My Writing” section for details of…well my writing.

The rest of the links should be pretty self explanatory, so knock yourself out and have a browse.

DISCLAIMER: If you actually knock yourself out then don’t come running to me looking for compensation. Actually knock yourself out, if you’re stupid enough to actually do it then I’ll probably win in court anyway!

(Do I need to do another disclaimer for the second ‘knock yourself out’ in the original disclaimer…bah, enjoy the site!)

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