Halloween, NaNo and moustaches…oh my!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Or should that be ‘Unhappy Halloween!’?

Is it possible to have a happy horror-filled and evil-themed day? Grinning at gore, taking pleasure in pain, feeling elation at the very thought of evisceration? It’s a bit like the joke about the sadomasochist:

Do you know sadomasochists love cold showers…that’s why they don’t have them.

Boom boom!

And also, just because it’s been bugging me lately, what’s up with the Adams Family’s values (no, not the terrible sequel with the baby), their actual values. If they reveled in the macabre so much but also ‘enjoyed’ being miserable then shouldn’t their house have been full of puppies, flowers and rainbow murals? Rather than death, decay and various implements of torture? Hmm…

Duh duh duh dun…*click click*

Speaking of horror themed houses I trust that everyone has turned their living rooms into festering parlors of death? Good, good I’m glad someone has…

Yes, you did hear me right; I haven’t decorated my house this year. I know, I know, this coming from a man who would gladly leave objects of horror out every day of the year and only ADD to them each October 31st. Well, it’s undecorated for a reason…a few reasons in fact. I’ve already been to the only Halloween party I’ll be going to this year, I’m not having any spooktacular (sorry, I had to get that word into the post somehow) events at my house this year, and I don’t fancy trying to explain cobwebs and blood spatter to potential buyers when they come to view my house (it’s hard enough trying to explain the bodies that are under the stairs!).

Another reason is that if I put all of my twisted decorations up without having a party I won’t really have a reason to take them down, and that could be messy…maybe, next year.

Anyway, I hope the rest of you are celebrating tonight somehow? I’ll be tucked up on the sofa with the muttski trying to cram as many horror films, maltesers and cups of caffeine down my throat as I can stomach (it’s a close call on which one I’ll tire of first). I’ve even bought a few ‘new’ horror films for the occasion.

Not actual DVDs…mine are better

I’ll just have to dim the lights low because I’ll be buggered if I’m sharing my treats with anyone else!

I might even try and cram in some NaNo preparation…ooh, ooh I could even start my novel because there’s no doubt I’ll be up past midnight!!

Stay tuned during November for daily updates on NaNo and Movember progress, and try to have a gore-filled, blood-spattered, intestine-chewing, brain-chomping good time tonight!

See you next time, boils and ghouls!

Ahh haa heee heee haaa heeee (or however you spell the Crypt Keeper’s awesome laugh)

3 thoughts on “Halloween, NaNo and moustaches…oh my!

  • November 1, 2011 at 09:47

    If that’s not a picture of *your* DVDs, then respect goes to the owner, who appears to be having a horror movie marathon, and a cosmopoliton. Nice.

    Also, Maltesers? How freaking dare you.

    • November 1, 2011 at 10:22

      If they got rid of Wrong Turn 2 then it would be a pretty freaking sweet collection…especially if they watched them all on Halloween 😀

      Maltesers were mine long before they were yours; I used to survive off those buckets you got near Christmas.


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