Flak jacket

I get a lot of flak about my leather jacket…

*titter* flak jacket

*makes note to change post title*

But the truth is it means a hell of a lot more to me than most people assume.

I’ve been spotted across crowded rooms in record time, identified by people meeting me for the first time, and recognised by strangers all because of that jacket. Famous authors have approached me at conventions, and more than once it’s been a conversation starter with friends I’ve only talked to online. It’s the first thing people notice about me because I wear it all the time.

Well, apart from when it’s sunny in Britain…so yeah, pretty much all the time.

So much so that I get friendly abuse for it (we Brits do like our good natured insults). I know people don’t mean it when they joke incessantly; we just love to focus on one thing about a person and flog it to death. They say I’m always wearing that bloody thing, and I’ll be buried in it, and wonder what’s wrong with me if I’m not wearing it. But they’re closer to the truth than they think with their jibes. I will wear it forever, I will be buried in it, and I do feel a little miserable if I don’t have it on.

It might seem stupid to seem so attached to a jacket, but it’s not a fashion declaration or a vogue statement. It’s an extension of my personality. Ok, that sounds sadder than wearing something for fashion but hear me out.

When I slip the jacket on a transformation takes place. Almost instantly I feel cooler, more confident, even calmer. It’s all bollocks like Dumbo and his magic feather, but what harm does it do if I feel better about myself, even for a stupid reason? It’s not quite a placebo effect because I know it’s happening and I know the jacket isn’t actually magical or medicinal.

It’s all in my head.

But as someone with a fizzy head, it’s nice to have something that can calm it for a while. Wearing the jacket makes it easier to approach people, easier to look people in the eye, easier to talk. I feel more like myself than I ever do when I wear it, which is great for someone who doesn’t usually have a clue who he is.

So go ahead and take the piss, seriously I can handle it and it’s better than talking about the weather or that generic sport match that was on the gogglebox the other day (Awright, ‘arry? See that ludicrous display last night?).

p.s. Oh, and for anyone wondering the jacket is a replica of Martin Riggs’s jacket from Lethal Weapon 4.


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