Featured Author: Patsy Collins

Patsy Collins is another one of my wonderful Movember donators, and as her reward for being so kind I’m here to ask you all – please find some time to check out her website.

Patsy writes…a lot, in fact not only has she completed a couple of novels she’s also had over 150 stories accepted for publication…not a few, not several…over 150!

Read more about Patsy’s novels here.

Patsy also somehow finds the time to regularly posts photos which make excellent writing prompts if you’re looking for a bit of inspiration. Her skill in photography is our motivation and stimulation when stumped for new story ideas.

But wait, there’s more! Patsy also posts details of free to enter writing competitions from all around the web…in fact I’m off to enter some right now!

For more details, and information about competitions and photo prompts, visit Patsy’s site.

p.s. Patsy also likes purple.

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