From Fat Boy to Manly Peak!

A recent trip to the doctors led to an interesting revelation, and a reevaluation…

I spent the first two decades of my life skinny to the point of my ribs poking through my skin (hence the nickname Skinny Tin Ribs in primary school), No matter how much I ate (and it was a LOT), I couldn’t seem to put on weight. It didn’t matter that I was chugging sugary sweets and pies and lazing around all day – I was still a four stone weakling around the age of ten. My teen years I shot up a few feet, but I was still a skinny oik, just with a boy band jaw bone.

Eventually I got a job in IT. A lot of sitting down BUT enough lugging stuff around and office moves that I didn’t get too big.

Then I discovered beer when I moved to my current job (CAD Monkey). A late bloomer I wasn’t really fussed about alcohol until the age of around twenty-two. My first outing to the pub for a liquid lunch with my work mates left me beyond tipsy after just two pints. It all went a bit boobs north from there.

…back to the docs. Because I’d just moved house and registered at a new surgery they wanted to weigh and measure me. I don’t usually go in for the whole scales thing because it doesn’t accurately reflect health or happiness.

But the result was a little upsetting – 106.4 kg (just shy of 17 stone).

After a lifetime of being a bag of bones (not healthy either, I know), snacking on pies and pot noodles and chocolate bars as long as your leg the larger side of life seems to have finally caught up with me,

A couple of years ago I took up the Chapman mantle (a little later than the rest of the clan) of climbing, hiking, caving, mountain climbing, gorging, etc. and I got leg muscles you could bounce a penny off, BUT I kept eating the pies so I didn’t really lose too much weight.

So this time, I’m going to be accountable for my actions – I’m admitting to the WORLD (or the fourteen people who read my blog) that I’m unfit, unhealthy, and desperate to build myself into a better person.

The first plan of action is to get back to walking – nothing better than a 20k walk somewhere in the middle of nowhere with only sheep and slate for company – something I gave up after a change of other related hobbies.

So my initial idea is to set a distance – a goal I can see on the horizon and chip away at until it gets close enough to smell. My goal from fat boy to manly peak will be helped by a race from Fat Boy to Manly Peak!

Completing the the distance from Fat Boy Tank (AZ) to Manly Peak (CA) gives a pretty decent mileage of 600 km (372.823 miles) [as-the-crow-flies, and calcs based on spherical earth]. At some point in the near future I’ll add a workout routine to this, but first I need to figure out what, how, where, and whyyyy, and also as good as a name for it as my distance challenge [details coming soon].

Just the facts, ma’am:

Distance: 600 km

Initial bearing: 287° 14′ 57″

Final bearing: 283° 34′ 36″

Midpoint: 35° 14′ 20″ N, 113° 54’ 24″ W

Fat Boy Tank (start): Elev. 2105 m, Coconino County, Arizona, 34 28 45N, 110 45 05W, 34.47916, -110.75151,

Amigo Road (midpoint): Elev. 2133 m, Inyo County, California, 35 14 20 N, 113 54 24W, 35.238889, -113.906667

Manly Peak (finish): Elev. 2133 m, Inyo County, California, 35 54 54N, 117 07 05W, 35.91495, -117.11811,

8 thoughts on “From Fat Boy to Manly Peak!

  • July 25, 2017 at 19:16

    Loz here…if it helps I used to be….quite a lot heavier than you are right now. It’s doable, and no the crip is not coming on the trip with you

  • July 25, 2017 at 19:42

    Weight alone is not a judge of anything. A pentathlete would be judged obese if that were the case – and similarly the BMI is not a good measure either, as it takes no account of muscle or bone density. If you feel overweight and are carrying fat, well and good – aim to lose some of it; but don’t get hung up on what the scales say, because they aren’t the whole story.

  • August 1, 2017 at 12:30

    The title of this drew me in, Steve, as I’d no idea what it was about.

    Every Sunday I promise myself I’ll start walking…one of these days I may even do it! 🙂


  • August 2, 2017 at 16:18

    What about this weekend? Get walking, you!

    • August 2, 2017 at 17:22

      Hmm going to 40th party on Friday night so might not feel too hot in Saturday…ill probably come up with a good excuse for Sunday too lol

  • August 14, 2017 at 09:48

    Two Sundays down, SV! Did you keep your promise and go for a walk? 🙂

  • September 25, 2017 at 16:20

    Wow! To the very idea of 20K, let alone 600K!! Mind you, 106.4 of the other sort of K is a tad OTT. Good luck with it, Steve – I shall follow your battle with interest.

    • September 27, 2017 at 11:52

      Tougher the better 🙂 WHo knows, sometime in the future I might attempt this distance in one go…obviously the one go would be a fortnight holiday 😛


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