EdgeLit 2017

EdgeLit is tomorrow, and it’s fair to say I’m a little excited!

I haven’t seen any of the usual crowd since 2015, barring bumping into Adam Nevill at Sci-Fi Weekender (Mar 2016). It’s been far too long, dudes!Ā Apologies in advance if I don’t ‘get round’ you all – there are sooo many people I need to catch up with! It’s their fault because they all live exotic places like London and Scotland…fancy bastards!

And for once the stars have aligned and I actually have some work out when it’s time to talk new stuff with friends! Huzzah! Plus a few new new projects to discuss with certain people *wink wink* you know who you are. And if anyone else wants to chuck some work my way, you know how I love the sound of deadlines whoosing by! Just ask Anthony Cowin how great I am to work with šŸ˜›

Big thanks to the luverlyĀ Dion Winton-PolakĀ for gettign my ass to EdgeLit this year by chucking a free ticket my way – don’t think I could have afforded it otherwise. So you have him to thank/blame for me making an appearance! šŸ˜€

p.s. I really hope everyone I said I owe a pint to has forgotten *ahem*

See you tomorrow, dudes!!

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