Don’t Panic!


Some of you will have ideas by now and some of you won’t.

But panic knows no bounds.

Just because you have an idea doesn’t mean you haven’t chewed your fingernails to the cuticle and worn a line in your office carpet walking back and forth trying to convince yourself your idea isn’t a worthless pile of…


Take a breath.

Now take another, and remember to keep doing that. Right now, nothing matters. Idea, no idea, crap idea, good idea – it’s all relative, and it’s all utter nonsense. You don’t know squat until you start writing. That fantastic idea to end all ideas that you had last week? It might fizzle out after the first five hundred words, or maybe you’ll get halfway through your novel before you realise your main character is duller than a dull thing from Dullington.

OR…you don’t have a clue what to write, you have no characters, no flashes of inspiration at all. You fire up your computer anyway, pluck a pen from the pot and hover over a blank page in that shiny new notepad you couldn’t resist buying, but nothing happens; the pen doesn’t move, your keyboard doesn’t spring to life of its own accord like a literary player piano.

Tick tock, tick tock – is it time to panic?

No, November hasn’t started yet. You have no idea how things will go until…well, they get going.

Try to remember to enjoy yourself during NaNoWriMo. You have thirty whole days to do this, and whether you have a full time job, kids to look after, that all important final exam for university – or all three – take solace in the fact that thousands upon thousands of people do the same thing every year.

And they survive…mostly.

As of this exact moment there 119,439 novelists waiting for the clock to strike midnight on Halloween. And I can say – with utmost certainty – that the majority of them will have a panicky moment before November is out.

Panic is good, panic is your friend. Not only will it stoke the fires of creativity (trust me, last minute deadlines do wonders for your word count), but if you’re panicking it means you’re not a conceited, overconfident, smug-faced git of a writer that thinks the sun shines out of their…pen.

If you can make it to a meet up before November begins then I highly recommend it. You’ll see you’re among like minded people, all with the same every day stresses and trials, and the same panicky moments you keep having at three in the morning when you realise OH MY GOD I CAN’T…


You can.

You’ve got this you crazy, world creating, plot ninja, noveling machines!

And no matter what happens…don’t forget to breathe.

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