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Mar 22

Musing on Muses

A lot of writers like to complain that their muse has abandoned them. In fact I’m just as guilty of this as any other writer is. We like to pretend the muse is something that tiptoes around us massaging our shoulders and telling us what to write, and when we can’t be bothered writing or …

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Mar 05

A-Z Blogging Challenge

April is looming over the horizon and that can only mean one thing for bloggers and writers…the dreaded (or beloved) A-Z blogging challenge!! Dun dun duuuuunn!The point of the challenge is to get people blogging more, by forcing you to write a new blog post each and every day of April (excluding Sundays). The topic …

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Feb 21

Writing prompts

Whether you love them or hate them writing exercises can be good for those times when the words just won’t flow. Maybe you’re starting a new project and have no idea what to write about, maybe you’re stuck on an existing project and need to get those fingers moving, you might be trying to get …

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Feb 13

Writing Fit

I couldn’t help but think whilst walking home today, that writing is a lot like exercise…bear with me, folks. If you don’t keep up to writing then you lose the muscles that allow you to create and construct worlds and characters – your work suffers due to the lack of a ‘strict’ regime. Just like …

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Feb 07

Why do you write?

A writer friend posed an interesting question on her blog yesterday. Why do you write? Simple I thought, and began to type up my reply. Then I realised it wasn’t that simple, there was no definitive answer, nothing I could write that would express my emotions about writing in one easy to digest chunk. Why …

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