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Mar 22

Musing on Muses

A lot of writers like to complain that their muse has abandoned them. In fact I’m just as guilty of this as any other writer is. We like to pretend the muse is something that tiptoes around us massaging our shoulders and telling us what to write, and when we can’t be bothered writing or …

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Jun 23

Back in black

Ok, so other commitments that have been severely eating in to my writing time have finally buggered off for a bit. I have now have time to concentrate on my novel again…oh bollocks, I’ll have to think of some other excuses not to finish it now…answers on a postcard, please. The plan is (yes, I …

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Apr 27

W is for word count

Sin #22: Quantity over quality “It is the quality of our work which will please God and not the quantity.” Mahatma Gandhi Now I can’t speak for God, but as a reader I can definitely confirm the above statement is true! There are far too many writers out there who rely solely on word count. …

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Apr 18

O is for onomatomania

Sin #14: Words for words that you use/like more than other words for words Onomatomania is the desire to use particular words over and over again. Words that stick in the authors mind for one reason or another. They may be words that they like the sound of, or words they believe lend a certain …

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