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Oct 03


Bloody hell, it’s almost that time of year again 🙁 National Novel Writing Month is an annual writing project in which participants attempt to write 50,000 words in November…that’s right 50 THOUSAND words in just 30 days. Good luck if you’re entering!

Sep 06

laughter writing is the best medicine

After feeling pretty down for a while now, I forced myself to commit to some writing the other day. Bum in chair and hands on keyboard I still felt pretty crappy. I began by tying out the basic premise for a new short story submission. It’s an old idea that’s been knocking round in my …

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Aug 20

Herbert’s Rats and Zombie Ants

It’s a great news-day today horror fans! With Bradford invaded by giant rats… …and ancient zombie ants discovered in Germany! Bring on the zombocalypse!!