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EdgeLit 2017

EdgeLit is tomorrow, and it’s fair to say I’m a little excited! I haven’t seen any of the usual crowd since 2015, barring bumping into Adam Nevill at Sci-Fi Weekender (Mar 2016). It’s been far too long, dudes!¬†Apologies in advance if I don’t ‘get round’ you all – there are sooo many people I need …

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Repent, sinner!

Heed my words or burn in Hell! Thou have been sinning like a bad, bad writer and thou must stop(est?) For details on how to save your soul check out my new seven article series on the Seven Deadly Sins of writing in January’s edition of Writing Magazine (available in shops now). ¬†

J is for Jazz hands

When was the last time you recommended a book by saying any of the following? . “Boy, the grammar was spot on – what a read!” “Most of the dialogue was just like real life.” “There were literally no plot holes – I totally believe that situation, or something very similar and just as cohesive, …

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What Scares Steven Chapman?

Want to know what scares me? Check this article out at the Horrifically Horrifying Horror Blog to find out! What Scares Me? (or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Fiction)    

Real men take literature to the toilet…

…and yes, ‘male-interest’ magazines count, as long as you really are ‘just reading the articles’. Here’s the science bit: If a normal person spends up to 10 minutes a day on the toilet, then for an average lifespan of 79.4 years you spend 201.3 days stuck on the crapper! Think of the reading time that …

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