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Jun 23

Back in black

Ok, so other commitments that have been severely eating in to my writing time have finally buggered off for a bit. I have now have time to concentrate on my novel again…oh bollocks, I’ll have to think of some other excuses not to finish it now…answers on a postcard, please. The plan is (yes, I …

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May 16

Nick Denton: Visual Shepherd and Colourer Innerer

Ladies and Gentlemen – May I introduce to you, Nick Denton! There he is, there…the one with the ever-changing hair (that includes facial hair). Nick is a very good friend of mine (10+ years) who also happens to be one of the best artists that I know. No, really he’s feckin’ awesome! For those of …

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May 13

Winning flash

Woo, just found out I won Lily’s Friday Prediction, with my entry ‘Picasso’. Apparently it’s a ‘slavering, horror ride’ How’s that for a plug! For those of you who don’t know, Lily Childs runs a flash fiction contest every week in which you have to weave three randomly selected words into a 100-word story. It’s …

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Mar 25

Lily Childs, nominated for Spinetingler Award!!

Lily Childs, an excellent horror writer (and web friend of mine) has just had one of her stories (Carpaccio) nominated for the 2011 Spinetingler Award for Best Short Story on the Web. I’m not jealous…at all….*wahhhh* But in all seriousness she really does deserve it. Lily is an outstanding writer who never fails to leave me …

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Mar 08

The beginning of the end

That’s more like it! Somewhere around 4,000 words written tonight…woo! I’m starting to build up to the climax of my novel now and the action is beginning to hot up. I’ve just set my main characters on their path to the final conflict and it’s looking pretty tense, and bloody, already. I think I have …

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