Category: sex

Apr 22

P is for Please yourself

…yourself. I don’t mean dim the lights and crack open the Vaseline. I mean ignore those bloody ostriches and learn things for yourself. You’re a lone wolf, a rogue demon hunter(what’s a rogue demon?), you are the sole member of the band FUCK YEAH! There may be the odd person that helps you along the …

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Apr 08

G is for Graphomania vs. Graphophobia

. Graphomania (a.k.a scribomania) is ‘a compulsive urge to write’. We’ve all been there – usually it’s at 3am when inspiration strikes and the compulsion isn’t strong enough to rouse up from sleepy-snoozy-time – but any other time than that it’s fantastic! Words surge from your fingertips like rainbows from a unicorn’s arse. Your hands …

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Apr 06

E is for Elephant cock

Big floppy elephant cock…you there, in the back, stop laughing! And you there, at the front, stop sneering in disgust! Those are the two emotions I envisage when I imagine myself shouting the words ‘elephant cock’ to a classroom full of writers. Whether you react with disdain or childish giggling, I’m here to tell you …

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Apr 28

X is for x-rated

Sin #23: Poor sex scenes SEX!! No need to shy away, we all know what it is…and most of us have done it. Dirty, unadulterated, no holds barred, teeth bared, scream out loud shagging! Well the lucky ones anyway! (If you’re already cringing then you’re going to have a hard time (giggedy) reading the rest …

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