Category: real life

Jun 05

Excuses, excuses…

Ok, so I’ve been pretty slack lately with working on my current novel. Keen eyed followers will notice my word count hasn’t budged for quite a while now…not a single word. BUT… I have an excuse. Of course I have an excuse, I’m a writer. We always have an excuse…too busy, not inspired, too tired, …

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May 16

Nick Denton: Visual Shepherd and Colourer Innerer

Ladies and Gentlemen – May I introduce to you, Nick Denton! There he is, there…the one with the ever-changing hair (that includes facial hair). Nick is a very good friend of mine (10+ years) who also happens to be one of the best artists that I know. No, really he’s feckin’ awesome! For those of …

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Apr 28

X is for x-rated

Sin #23: Poor sex scenes SEX!! No need to shy away, we all know what it is…and most of us have done it. Dirty, unadulterated, no holds barred, teeth bared, scream out loud shagging! Well the lucky ones anyway! (If you’re already cringing then you’re going to have a hard time (giggedy) reading the rest …

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Feb 26

Busy, busy, busy but not in a good way

Ok, so I promised more updates. Not only more updates but interesting ones…then I realised how much other stuff I had to do *gulp* Sorry people, I really did intend to post some wonderful awe inspiring pant wettingly amazing posts, but you know what they say about good intentions…you don’t? I can’t recall either, hang …

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Feb 17

The curse of distrac…ooh, a talking sausage!

I’m about to hit the 54k mark on my current novel, and…haha geese teeth…I’m getting to the point where I think I’ll have to start planning things…eep! I know people like to work differently in regards…ooh a penny!…in regards to plot, and so do I. The trouble is I like to work differently for each …

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