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May 10

Chunks, moving house, anxiety, and Dungeons & Dragons

It’s been a while since the Case of the Missing Chunks…and even longer since my last semi-decent post (YMMV) – so it’s time to sling some words around and update the three or four people that stumble across this site when they Google ‘Kate Winslet Boobs’ or ‘Elephant Cock’…still the two biggest Google results for …

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Dec 31

Happy New Year!

With only a few hours left of 2014, people are starting to list all the negative things about their year, and all the positive things they want to do next year. And here’s me just getting pissed! Some are even complaining that others are only attempting to better themselves when the clock strikes midnight at …

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Jul 15

Give yourself to the dark side

I’ve killed three people today. The first was blocking the footpath by wildly gesturing his arms, and wouldn’t bloody let people past. He was too busy shouting into his mobile to realise there was a queue of people forming behind him trying to make the most of their lunch hour. He was also one of …

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Jun 23

LAMB (Louie’s Amazing Meningitis Battle)

Please share and help Louie! Don’t forget to do the LAMB salute if you want to show your support with a picture! (Thumbs up with LAMB on your fingers, unless you want to rock out like I did!) This group is dedicated to raising awareness of the signs, symptoms and conditions caused by Meningitis …

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Sep 05

How about that weather/sports game/current news topic?

There are two words in the English language that, when combined, make me shudder as if someone is not only walking over my grave but stamping out a samba until their feet bleed. Small. Talk. Fairly innocuous words on their own, but put them together and suddenly its like watching an innocent toaster and a …

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