Category: rant

Feb 07

Lost my superpower…

Annnnnnd type! GO! Go fingers, go! Erm…SHAZAM! Nope. Nothing. By the power of Grayskull!! ….. Dammit, no matter what I try I can’t seem to get back into my current novel. I’m desperate to continue writing this one as it ‘seemed’, at the time, to be an easy one to knock out a first draft! …

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Feb 01

Running on empty

Help! My muse has up and left, taking the TV and half the CD collection. I seem to be completely lost (or found, as explained later), and I need some ideas from you lot…I must be desperate!! Give me something, anything! Naughty or nice, obscene, innocent, twisted, simple, complex….just give me something! I’ll take a …

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Jan 17

The laws of buggery

This post is for all writers that have had a feckin’ amazing idea, only to completely forget it again seconds later. For all writers that have drifted off to sleep concocting a beautiful idea only to have woken up drooling with no recollection of their bestselling premise. For all writers that have scrambled around the …

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Nov 09

Nano: Day 9 – Epiphany

It took me a while but I got there eventually…give me some credit people it’s been a long week! No, I don’t mean I finished, I don’t mean 20k and I certainly don’t mean I caught up with the suggested minimum cumulative word count. Nope. I mean I figured out why I’m doing nano. I’m …

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