Category: rant

Sep 27

Nobody’s Fault But Mine…

“Got a monkey on my back. Got a monkey on my back. Gonna change my ways tonight. Nobody’s fault but mine.” Same shit, different day – lack of motivation, writer’s block, lazyarseitis…whatever you call it, I haven’t worked on anything new (or old come to that) for a while now. I haven’t even shuffled through …

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Nov 28

The Mystery of the Missing Chunk

Seriously, before you read this post…find your latest novel/short/poem/screenplay and hit SAVE! Hit it multiple times, hit it with vigour and purpose, hit it with a large tree branch ripped from the nearest Larch! Don’t do that last one, it will probably do more computer harm than good. I’m telling you this because I’ve just lost …

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Sep 22

FantasyCon 2016

My first FCon was in 2013 – which happened to be World FantasyCon, so I had to hit the ground running with a hell of a lot more authors than normal (pesky international buggers as well!) – I was terrified, and nervous, and tongue-tied, and flustered… …and home. I finally got to meet some of …

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Apr 11

F is for ‘Fifteen miles!’

…and also for fucksticks. Back in my day you had to walk fifteen miles to get to work…and you were glad for the bloody opportunity! It were fifteen miles t’ nearest loo, and that were only for posh folk! And don’t get me started on all these fancy ‘remote controls’ you kids have nowadays…when we …

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Apr 06

E is for ‘Egotistical bastards’

…and also for elephant cock You see them every day (not elephant cocks, although you might…I’m not judging) – they fester on your FB wall, and taunt on your Twitter feed – the smug faced gits, the egotistical bastards. The writer with an exaggerated sense of their own importance, the one who can’t shut up …

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